2019 Season Information - BREXIT!

Due to the total uncertainty regarding the future of shipping chilled semen into the UK in 2019 we have taken steps to ensure we have large stocks of frozen.

We realise this is not ideal - and we will be offering chilled shipments right until the final date of 29th March.

After that - no one knows - we will keep this page updated with information as we receive it.

In light of this - we would strongly recommend that anyone that intends to use one of our stallions is prepared to use frozen semen.

It is a condition of nominating that you understand that in the event that chilled is not available in the UK we will revert to this as a method of delivering semen to you.

If this does become the case then we will limit mares based on the doses we have in stock. Further slots may become available as mares confirm in foal.

Glamourdale is already proving to be massively popular so our advice will be to nominate early.