Ordering from us


Check the current information on our BREXIT page first!

We operate a TWO stage ordering process.

STAGE 1 - Picking the stallion and paying for his nomination fee

Decide which stallion you want and place an order in your basket.

This is NOT requesting anything be sent to you. It's just like filling the nomination form in.

STAGE 2 - Actually asking for your choice of semen to be sent to you

Decide if you wish to order Chilled or Frozen (depending on stallion) and then place an actual order for the semen to be sent.

You can find the link to this on the top menu bar of the site or below in these links.

If you need more explanation then please also refer to our guide on using the new system and how we work with dispatches.

To be 100% CLEAR - you must do Stage 1 AND Stage 2 if you expect to receive any semen from the stallion of your choice


Please do take a moment to read through our very reasonable terms and conditions below.

They are non-negotiable, without exception and pretty much universal amongst the sport horse breeding world. 
If you don't read them then please do not be disappointed if we quote our terms to you and you don't like them. I really do not know how to be much clearer than that.
We will move heaven and earth to do our best to ensure you are happy with our service, but agreeing on certain limitations is an essential part of this.
  • Lickley Horses acts as the UK agent for the stallions shown on this website.
  • For the purpose of taxation your contract, payment and invoices originate from Van Olst Horse Bv, Netherlands. You are charged sales tax at the prevailing rate of the Netherlands. Your invoice is from them in Euro.
  • Stud fees are subject to sales tax at the rate of the country of residence of the stallion owner. This is clearly shown.
  • For the purposes of legal and taxation issues your contract is with the stallion owner. A receipt will be sent to you from them.
  • Your contract will be for access to a limited number of doses of semen. We set this at 4 in the case of frozen semen and unlimited in the case of chilled. This is for the insemination of one mare and in the current season only. Any semen remaining at the end of the season remains the property of the stallion owner.
  • No semen will be dispatched without full payment of both the nomination fee and the delivery charge.
  • No guarantee of pregnancy is made in the supply of semen from these stallions.
  • Customers are presumed to have digested all the relevant information, printed and verbal before ordering.
  • We try to ensure the accuracy of this information however we can not be held responsible for any errors.
  • Liability for the semen belongs to the stallion owner, the transport company and ultimately the customer.
  • Lickley Horses will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of a failure to deliver usable semen on time for whatever reason. This includes but is not exclusively limited to vet fees, transport costs or livery.
  • Time of delivery is the responsibility of the shipping company and Lickley Horses is not liable for late delivery as indicated in the above condition. No money back guarantee or refunds are offered.
  • Some studs may offer a change of stallion but this is discretionary and not within our control to authorise.
  • Stallions may become unavailable during the season,or stock may run out or become unusable. In these circumstances a full refund will be offered if no semen has been dispatched, or a pro-rata offer made if semen has already been sent.
  • Lickley Horses reserves the right to cancel or refuse to accept any order made without reason.
  • Issues of semen quality are the responsibility of the stud or stallion owner.
  • We will mediate in any discussions over this matter but liability rests solely with stallion owner or stud.
  • Semen is provided for the insemination of one mare only.
  • If you are engaged on an Embryo Transfer programme please indicate this clearly at time of booking.
  • Additional charges will apply to additional pregnancies.
  • Some studs offer discounts for this.
  • NIF credits limited to the same stud and are for the next season only and in the amount of 50% of the nomination fee of the stallion used. These will only be issued upon declaration that the mare is not in foal, and before 1st October of that current year.


Frozen Semen

Is dispatched by Stallion AI Services Ltd and there is a delivery and handling charge made by them for each dose sent.

We dispatch all semen 1 dose per time. The reason for this is that once out of our control we can not return to our stocks.

Chilled Semen

Where available we will make every attempt to delivery as requested.

Due to the many variables associated with this we can not, under any circumstances, make promises of delivery date or time, or even promises of availability continually throughout the season.

Once the semen is in the hands of the courier it is the property of the mare owner.

You may always request a frozen dose to substitute for a chilled.

We will process payments for chilled services on behalf of the studs and this must be paid before the dispatch request is made.