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1.72  –  black  –  2009  – KWPN

“The KWPN Performance test champion 2012”


73.07% in his first international competition!


Everdale is a son of Lord Leatherdale, who is making his mark with his children in the young horse tests.

The mother of Everdale is Aliska K, an elite daughter of the recently made Preferent stallion Negro out of the keur preferent mare Lisenka (El Corona).

In combination with Monaco, Lisenka produced a horses competing at Z level.

Great grandmother Ilya (Clavecimbel) is a full sister of the KPWN approved stallion Havidoff and holds the ster, preferent and prestatie predicates.

She is very successful in breeding, with a small tour horse by Negro, an international show jumper by Hugo, a ZZL horse by Lancet and Z2 horses by Lancet and OO Seven.

The dam line continues with the ster preferent prestatie mare Zabien, a daughter of Farn and Tenriejet a ster mare from the English Thoroughbred Acer xx.Conformation:

He is a well developed stallion with a good dressage model. The head is expressive. The neck has a good shape, length and is well muscled. The shoulder is a good length and correctly located. The withers have good development and good length.

The back also has good length and is well muscled. The loin is well connected and has plenty of muscle. The croup is of good length and is well muscled. The hamstring could be a little longer. The front leg has plenty of length and is correct. His foundations are very good for future development. The feet are well developed but a little narrow.

Grading Report:

Everdale is an honest, diligent and reliable stallion with a very good attitude. The stallion is very much willing to work and is very well handled.

The walk is pure and has good scope. The trot is powerful and with good scope but it could be a little more uphill at the withers.

The canter is powerful and scopey pace. Everdale in very appealing in motion with a good front, good leg technique, suppleness and good balance.

As a dressage horse Everdale has a great deal of talent and gives his rider a very good feeling.

Stable Behavior:

Honest and reliable stallion, easy going and quiet in the barn

Vet report:

No Comments.

Breeding Advice:

Everdale can improve the size, spirit and movement technique of dressage horses